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About Varied / Hobbyist Diapered Princess Sylphie - Baby DragonFemale/United Kingdom Recent Activity
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Diapered Princess Sylphie - Baby Dragon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Full Name: Princess Sylphie Aeon
Artist Type: Fursuiter
Registered since: November 29th, 2011 12:13
Current mood: bouncy
Artist Profile:
Hi my name is Sylphie I am a Female Chibi Dragon babyfur and my fiancee is Rikku
I enjoy chatting and playing with all my friends and I love making new friends on Fur Affinity and BabyFur.ME.
I have finally found a community where i belong so Fankyoo to everyone here you have been so lovely and kind *chibi babyfur hugz to everyone*
I love dressing up in lotsa different costumes or being dressed i don't mind, the cuter the better.
I like playing cute and silly games as long as it is fun. I sometime get into trouble cause I can be abit naughty cause I break things and burn some things cause i can blow fire, its purple. I tried to play flute other day and fire came out of it and it melted. My kindergarten teacher said I need to pwactice controlling my fire breath..
I like to hide and scare people - its so much fun. I like going with my friends to the fair and like rollercoasters (big, fast, twisty and loopy ones).
When I older i want to be like Rainbow Dash and fly with the Wonderbolts cause I have wings too and i a bit fast - ask Rikku X3

Adult Fur: Female 20 years old - rides a Yamaha MidnightStar Motorbike 950cc(i really do XD)
Baby Fur: Female 3-4 years old - rides a ickle cow (her name is moo moo)
Species: Chibi Dragon
Eyes: Purple
Special marking: Purple Heart on Cheeks
Fur Colour: Violet, Passion Purple, Pink & White
Favorite color: Purple / Sky Blue
Likes: My Rikku, Fursuit making & Wearing, Anime, Cosplay, Babyfur community, PC gaming, Music, ABDL & my paci, cute things and MOE anime characters :3
Dislikes: Noisy People, Forum Trolls, People who dislike our community without understanding it.

RL: Mike | Male | 30 | United Kingdom |Age shifter
Birthday: March 11th
Engaged To kyoukakami
Yes i do ride an awesome motorbike i call her Silpheed (yes guess where my name came from

YaY Sylphie's Big Birthday Weekend

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 8, 2013, 10:11 AM

Woohoo i ish nearly gonna be 3 again cos Sylphie is 3 foreva and ish my birthday on Monday 11th March and we got lotsa stuffs planned for the weekend:)

On Saturday Sylphie(me), Rikku(life mate), Tribal(awesome mate), Arks(bezzie mate), & twin Sis Ellie-May are off to Manchester to meet up wiff all our friends at the Manchester furmeet and its gonna be awesomes cos everyone is soooo lovely there and its like unlimited hugz day wiff all the epic furs there:) I can't wait to see my cousin wolfElysia, Reskell(cutie hyper timewolf), and many others like Evil & Geo the list goes on :) there cos everyone is soooo lovely. Gonna haff lotsa fun and games still undecided on whether to suit as weather may be bad:( but still gonna make it an epic day:)
Then gonna spend the nite wiff my life Mate Rikku and play lotsa silly babyfur games and cub out in the night.

Sunday gonna go out to Liverpool (home town) for a pre-birthday meal wiff alot of my Anime group/furry friends to Nandos and haff a laff and giggle and do some silly stuffs:)

Monday Yay my 3rd Birthday who knows what awaits *giggles maybe some more Abena L4s *giggles*
I just know gonna go see 'Oz The Great and Powerful' and hope i get lotsa hugz and cuddles off everyone in RL and FA.

Love and babyfur huggies
Hope yoo all haff an amazing weekend

Princess Sylphie

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